Our goal is to direct all those excellent, intelligent young people toward good values, social responsibility and personal involvement in the community, so that when the time comes they will become contributing members of the city of Modiin and an example to the entire Israeli society at large.

Rabbi Shmuel Gabbai, Director of Lemaan Achai

Lemaan Achai School


Lemaan Achai Modiin strongly believes in intellectual excellence, broadminded education, and individual attention with the goal of producing a generation of future leaders in Israel's society.

Lemaan Achai Boys' School (Talmud Torah)


Lemaan Achai Jersualem offers improved learning opportunities to students with poorer or more challenging backgrounds, providing individualized support for the student and his family far beyond official school hours.

Beit Aliza Girls' High School

Modiin Ilit

Beit Aliza places a great emphasis on character development and excellent education, while also providing exciting social activities and creating an atmosphere of warmth and closeness among the students and the staff.

Lemaan Achai Kollel (Men's Learning Program)

Modiin Ilit

The Lemaan Achai Kollel is a rabbinical training program which prepares future community rabbis through quality yeshiva-style studies alongside hands-on community programs in Modiin – operating Torah centers, delivering Torah lectures, managing youth programs and other social activities.

Social Events

Entertaining activities and social events enhance a child's emotional well-being, develop his social and general skills and are an inseparable part of the wonderful experience that is school. Traveling and exploring, getting to know the country and developing national pride, publishing a school newsletter exclusively by the students, trips and parties –all create the sense of unification and bonding among the student body, encouraging team spirit and high learning motivation.

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Lemaan Achai operates various communal, educational and social services

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