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About Beit Aliza Girls’ High School

A religious high school for girls, offering excellent education and a great emphasis on character development, alongside exciting social activities and an atmosphere of warmth and closeness.

Beit Aliza was dedicated in memory of Mrs. Aliza Franko by her children, Iky and Elise Franko and their family. Directed by the dedicated principal, Mrs. Oshrat Tolidano, and headed by the high school rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Vaknin, it is also under the direct, devoted supervision and guidance of the general institutions’ rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Gabbai. The high school follows rabbinical guidance in educating the girls of Modiin Ilit to yirat Shamayim and good middot, while simultaneously offering professional studies of the highest standards. The school believes in the importance of social activities and the great part they play in developing a sense of connection to the school and its values, and creates a fun atmosphere, imbuing the girls with crucial values in a warm and relaxed setting.

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We strive to achieve yirat Shamayim before wisdom. To feel the pleasure of the Torah, the sweetness of the mitzvot, the beauty of chessed, the freedom of character development.

A. Tolidano, School Director

Warm, Devoted, Professional Staff

The Beit Aliza staff is comprised of warm, experienced and professional teachers who devote their days and their nights to their students, contemplating essential educational dilemmas and investing tremendous thought into every student, her needs, her predicaments and her skills. Other members of the team include the G.O. staff members who arrange all extracurricular activities and ensure that they are fun, creative, varied and inspiring, and an educational consultant with a deep understanding of the girls' inner world, who guides them in important junctures, predicaments or challenges.

When looking into high schools for my daughter, I was looking for a place that would be like another home. The type of school that will teach her our values, yirat Shamayim, good middot and have high educational standards. I found everything I was looking for and more –an atmosphere of joy, fun social activities and a great team spirit.

Tehilla Vaknin's mother

The extracurricular activities gave me the drive to push myself harder and accomplish things.

Ruth, student at Beit Aliza

We offer the girls a sense of closeness and belonging. Only once they feel they are appreciated, they have the desire and will to invest of themselves and to grow…

Ditza Sabag, teacher

In our day and age, more than ever before, it is crucial to impart messages in an indirect and fun manner too. It is important that the school will not only be viewed as an exhausting educational institution, but also as a fun and fulfilling social outlet.

Batsheva Assoulin, G.O. Director

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