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Lemaan Achai Rabbinical Institute, Modiin Ilit

The Lemaan Achai Kollel (Men’s Learning Program) is a framework for training community rabbis, along with the development of community programs in Modiin, operating Torah centers, delivering Torah lectures and courses, and arranging youth programs and general social activities.

The Kollel operates a rabbinical training institute with in-depth, yeshiva-style studying. The Kollel is headed by the director of the institutions, Rabbi Shmuel Gabai, well-noted for his vast Torah knowledge and wise counsel. The Kollel comprises 100 members, all young married men, graduates of mainstream yeshivahs who are completing their training as community rabbis. The results of their studies is showered directly back onto the communities as they operate vibrant Torah centers in places which request this sort of facility, deliver lectures, direct youth programs, support residents in times of need and more  – all for no compensation or profit.

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There are some Jewish customs that have been preserved as a basic part of the culture, and many Israelis who are otherwise far from religious still search for information or assistance when the need arises. The community rabbis are especially trained for this by the Kollel so that they can man the Torah centers and provide a response to anything related to religion.

Rabbi Gabbai, director of Lemaan Achai

I used to have to drive over half an hour to participate in a Torah lecture. Nowadays there is a full variety of lectures in our own synagogue, two minutes away from my home.

Yitzchak Spiegler, Modiin resident

Combining in-depth Torah study with communal activity gives me an incredible sense of fulfillment and joy.

Aharon Berger, Kollel student

The institute trains young community rabbis who enhance the communities in Modiin and who are active in a variety of areas for the benefit of the greater community. Their wonderful work is evident in every aspect.

Beit Medrash and Rabbinical Training Institute

Lemaan Achai operates various communal, educational and social services

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