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About Lemaan Achai Boys’ School

The school offers improved learning opportunities to students from lower income or more challenging backgrounds.

Lemaan Achai “Beit Raphael,” established in memory of Rabbi Raphael Tawill by his grandson, Ralph Sitt, offers a comprehensive educational program for students from low-income or otherwise struggling families. The school combines Torah studies with sciences and provides learning opportunities to the students, as well as hot meals and transportation to and from their homes. The spacious, modern campus contains fully equipped classrooms and sprawling schoolyards. The school staff maintains a warm, personal relationship with the students far beyond the actual school hours, and continues to assist them after their graduation, watching with pride as each develops into a beautiful, contributing member of society.

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We are far more than just an educational institution. We take a very personal responsibility, and our staff supports every child throughout his growing up years, with an awareness of his unique background and providing him with the tools to overcome his individual challenges.

Rabbi Daniel Gilady, Director of Lemaan Achai School

Dedicated and Caring Staff

The staff members all view it as their responsibility to create a warm, personal and close relationship with the students and the parents. The teachers serve as surrogate parents and mentors, maintaining continual contact with the student and his family.
The educational staff has been hand-picked for their pedagogic training, interpersonal skills, understanding of the student's emotional world and a strong desire for a personal relationship that is far beyond the educational framework. These skills facilitate a close, growth-oriented relationship and support of the student throughout his growing up years. The institution is directed by Rabbi Daniel Gilady, a superb administrator and educator with over twenty five years of experience educating Jewish children.

Unlike other institutions, our job does not begin or end in school. We view our work as a mission.

Yehuda Levy, 6th grade teacher

I arrive home from work very late every night, but I am comforted to know Moshe gets a nourishing meal in school, and gets home safely with the school provided transportation. I feel rest assured when I know that my child is happy and in good hands both spiritually and physically.

Riki Braha, Moshe's mother

There are friends, and there are fun activities, and the teacher is really nice. I love school.

Zohar Gilboa, 1st grade.

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