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Lemaan Achai believes in fundamental Israeli values while aspiring for educational excellence, providing students with extra-curricular enrichment and social programs and warm, individualized attention.

Lemaan Ahcai demands of itself no less than absolute excellence in its educational program and conduct, social activities, enrichment programs and supplementary services. Despite the large student body (300 students, boys and girls), the school succeeds in maintaining its uniqueness in the warm and personal attention given to each and every student. Lemaan Achai’s educational agenda believes in advanced, broad-minded and knowledge-thirsty education and offers far more than is obligatory by the general educational system. The school focuses strongly on the importance of fundamental humanitarian values such as respect for our familial and national identities, the importance of giving and of involvement in community concerns, and other such basic values with the goal of creating a generation of future leaders in Israeli society.

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The school is divided into a few separate wings. Beit Shmuel, the boys’ wing, was donated by Mr. Eki Franko and his family in memory of their beloved late father, Shmuel Franko. Beit Frieda, the girls’ wing, was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Rachel Sithon for the quick recovery of Frieda Sithon. An additional wing, Mishkan Eliyahu, the younger boys’ division, was donated in memory of Eliyahu Levin by his grandchildren, Hagai and Ronit Laniado.

The school strives to produce students whose excellence, intellect, character and community involvement will contribute to and provide an example for Israeli society.

Mrs. Orly Yona, Director of Lemaan Achai School

The Staff

The school's educational staff is comprised of wonderful teachers, veteran educators of great stature with a breadth of knowledge and a proven educational approach. The teachers are all graduates of teaching institutes and training programs with all requisite academic degrees.
The teachers lovingly devote themselves to the students, assisting them in reaching academic success and ensuring their emotional well-being and acquisition of solid social skills. They view their selfless work with a sense of mission and a deep love for their students. The administration invests much effort in selecting teachers of the highest caliber and constantly supervising their progress in meeting the timetables and goals.

Every day, Yoav comes home bursting with stories and with a glow in his eyes. He is simply blossoming – and so am I!

Ruthy Shoshani, Yoav's mother

I feel that my teacher really cares about me and wants me to succeed.

Noam Elizur, 6th grade

I have been their general studies teacher since first grade, and it is a real pleasure to see them growing, developing and happy.

Chaim Cohen, 4th grade teacher

As a parent, it is important to me that my child will be educated to basic Israeli values. Sometimes the most basic is the most important!

Yigal Maor, father of Dor, 1st grade

Lemaan Achai operates various communal, educational and social services

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